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We need you!

The Afrikadey! Arts and Cultural Society is a community-driven organization. We are looking for fun loving individuals that want to contribute to the community by helping to make the 22nd anniversary celebration of Afrikadey! Music Festival the best ever!

Our volunteers are the best. The friendships that are made, and the experiences gained are some of the best reasons to join us, the memories will last a lifetime. We also work hard to show our volunteers how special they are, so bring a friend along!

Listed below is a summary of the festival positions available. We are also looking for help throughout the year. Please fill out our online Volunteer Form, we look forward to meeting with you!

Volunteer Jobs


  • Help around the office throughout the year
  • Manage and coordinate the festival and other events

Children's Area

  • Face-painting
  • Crafts
  • Supervision

Green Team

  • Makes continuous rounds around the Island to find and get rid of any excess litter
  • Not expected to clean up after the food vendors - this only includes litter discarded around the park
  • Ensure the smooth operation of the bottle and plate recycling program
  • Will do a final walk around the park before festival finishes to ensure the Island is in good condition


  • Takes tickets from attendees, and handles cash
  • Helps to ensure that all those entering the park have a ticket, unless otherwise advised
  • Helps maintain order and efficiency in the gate lines

Beer Gardens

  • Responsible for selling the beverages
  • Responsible for cash handling
  • Ensures that all those in beer gardens are the legal age


  • Make sure everyone is safe
  • Know the location of the first-aid tent and other facilities on the island
  • Patrol the fence to keep people from jumping it
  • Keep the peace


  • Moving artists and equipment to and from the different events
  • Helping vendors off the island after the festival

Set up & Tear down

  • Along with site coordinator, will assist vendors with set up of chairs and tables in Prince's Island Park (this will not require heavy lifting. However, we feel it would be a position better suited to youth that are slightly older)
  • Preparing the stage
  • Taking tents down, putting chairs away and clearing stage once festival is over
  • Will do a final walk around the park before festival finishes to ensure the Island is in good condition

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