Ara - Queen of the Drums

Ara is the first female talking drummer of repute. She started singing and drumming at the very tender age of 5, and has been performing for the past 20 years. Ara tried different genres of music, including Afro-beat as Lola Ola, but in the year 2000 she became Ara, coined from her real name and right there before our very eyes emerged the enigma, Ara!

Ara has taken her music across the world. She has played in Ghana, the UK,  Canada, Paris, and various states in the USA. Ara has performed before the Queen of England, she has also performed alongside big names in the industry including, Wyclef Jean and the legendary Stevie Wonder whom also featured her on his album "A time to love" on the track "If Your Love Cannot Be Moved".  Ara, in English means "mystery or wonder" a name given to her by her grandfather at birth is indeed a mystery and a wonder to behold.

This Africa's first and finest female talking drummer is not only known for her dexterity on the talking drum, she is a beautiful dancer/choreographer, a soulful singer, a song writer and a producer, her upcoming album says it all. Ara is also the founder of Ara's Passion Project, a foundation she founded about 2 years ago with a mission to in her own words "build a platform for tomorrow's people today".  Her main concern are the children, according to Ara "to a large extent, I have fulfilled my dreams but nothing of my passion...".   Hence the birth of her passion project. Ara is the CEO of "Ara Entertainment Productions" an entertainment outfit created to provide quality entertainment. 

This exotic African performer has won 9 awards both local and international, and it is worth mentioning that Ara has been a performing artist over the years without releasing a single album. Ara won these awards because of her great fan base. Her dexterity on the performance stage has won the hearts of millions all over the world, she is indeed, an enigma.

Ara will be speaking on Friday, August 12th at the Changing Africa: My Role Symposium, and performing on Wednesday, August 10th (12 - 1pm) at the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer, Friday, August 12th (12 - 1pm) at Steven Avenue Mall, and on Saturday, August 13th at Prince’s Island Park. 


Afrikadey!: What have you been up to recently (performances, travel, life, etc.)?
Ara: Thank you. I have been recording my songs, performing at various events and most importantly been seriously involved in humanitarian activities.

Afrikadey!: Do you have any upcoming albums?
Ara: My first album is expected to be released soon. I have been a performing artist for over 20 years without an album but I am now working on a cause song for charity, soon to be released.

Afrikadey!: Can you describe your style of music?
Ara: It is called Gangan Fusion/Contemporary Gospel. It is a blend of my musical influences over the years with the talking drum as a foundation.

Afrikadey!: How does Africa influence your work?
Ara: Africa has a great influence on my act, the way I dress, my songs, my dance…

Afrikadey!: If you are also a lyricist, what is the favourite line you have written?
Ara: "I will cry for you to laugh, be poor for you to be rich, I will die for you to live"

Afrikadey!: If you could perform a duet with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?
Ara: Michael Jackson

Afrikadey!: Do you have any funny stories from performing?
Ara: A lot! I will tell you one. It was the welcome concert for Wyclef Jean's first visit to Nigeria. The ovation and applause was so crazy I actually thought my trousers had torn and my fans were shouting and all lol. Luckily, they were just so amazed, in love with my performance and were going over the moon lol…

Afrikadey!: Are there any songs that you are particularly excited to perform at Afrikadey!?
Ara: Most definitively! Lakiti, Lomi Malo and Gedebe.

Afrikadey!: Is there anything in Calgary you plan on seeing or doing while you are here?
Ara: Well it's my first trip so I will just have a good trip and look forward to entertaining.

Afrikadey!: Is there anyone performing at Afrikadey! you particularly want to see or meet?
Ara: Yes. Angelique Kidjo.

Afrikadey!: If people want to learn more about you, what website(s) should they check out?
Ara: and facebook/ara ola

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