Mitsho Mundos

Mitsho Mundos

It was attending church in the Democratic Republic of Congo that Mitsho Mundo first began performing. He was a choral master there, and shared his talents with the youth of the community. His first musical group was called The New Alliance in Christ. Mitsho travelled to Thailand to produce his first album, “Yomokeli Na Ngai,” or “You are my creator,” in 2005. After arriving in Canada in 2007, he named his group Brother Mitsho and His Team, and it was then that he began to integrate himself into the Congolese community of Calgary. He has been using his over twenty years of performing experience to spread his message of religion, humanity, and culture through traditional Congolese music. 

Mundo is proud of his Congolese heritage, and in addition to performing within the community in Canada, he also helps local bands with their musical endeavours. “You have to keep going and find opportunities here,” he advises novices. “Be involved in the community here.” 

Mondo’s musical influences include his father (a musician himself) and Charles Mombaya. It is clear that Mondo’s music is about embracing heritage and religion with as much life as possible, as his energetic vocals rise above the animated and populated band behind him and simply encourages positivity and movement. He looks forward to using Afrikadey! 2011 as an opportunity to share more extensively about his culture and to bring a big show. 

Mitsho Mundos will be performing Monday, August 1st at Eau Claire Market (1 - 4pm), Thursday, August 11th (12 - 1pm) at Olympic Plaza, and Saturday, August 13th at Prince’s Island Park. 

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