Joaquin Diaz

joaquin_diaz_t'In Diaz's hands merengue is hard-core stuff, an exhilarating polyrhythmic ride on a runaway train.''
World music festival of Chicago

At nine years old, Joaquin Diaz found himself fascinated by his father’s small button accordion. Even though he wasn’t allowed to touch it, he would explore the instrument at any chance he could come by during his father’s absence. One evening, Diaz’s father came home and caught his son playing a merengue song. The man was so impressed that he began taking Diaz with him to play for private fiestas. This was the beginning of Diaz’s life of performance. 

Diaz comes from a family of musicians and grew up in the Dominican Republic surrounded by merengue music. He can remember as a child watching his uncles perform on entertainment television. It didn’t take long for Diaz to rise to his own prominence, though. Influenced by musicians such as Tatico Enriquez, Trio Reynoso, and merengue staple Angel Viloria, Diaz’s music is infectious, uplifting, and accessible, and gained him due notoriety. By the time he was in his teen years, he was playing events like the PanAmerican Games in Puerto Rico. In 1990, he moved his home to Montreal and began furthering his career within Canada. 

“I want to communicate joy and happiness,” Diaz says of his motivation for performing. He is always hoping that the audience leaves his shows with great energy, a feat easily accomplished with his skill on the accordion which is at once traditional and unique. Diaz hopes to bring tropical energy to Afrikadey! 2011. “Once I see dancing shoes,” he says, “I’ll feel right at home.” 

Joaquin Diaz will be performing on Friday, August 12th at Vicious Circle, and Saturday, August 13th at Prince’s Island Park. 


''Joaquin Diaz is a dynamic performer who not only moves your body and feet, but your heart and soul as well.'' 

Juan Tejeda - co-founder of the International Accordion Festival San Antonio Texas.

For more information see: http://joaquindiaz.com/ 

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