Zale Seck

zaleseck400Music and storytelling was always going to be a life path for Zale Seck.  In Senegal, he was born into the Griot caste and inherited the role of storyteller from his father. And for Seck, telling his story is all about love and good energy. He describes his songs as “various themes of encouragement, sharing, love, to not give up, various situations of Life in Africa. Basically, anything and everything that has to do with life and the love of living.” It’s a powerful and universal message which brings to light the type of effect music can have, of which Seck seems fully aware. In 1997, he performed with other Senegalese musicians in a concert aimed to bring peace to the region of Casamance in Senegal, which was at war and fighting for independence. “It was a beautiful and intense moment,” he says of the experience.

Seck has been very well known in Senegal since his public debut at the age of eleven. In 1992, he formed a group and performed the up-beat style of music for which he is known, Mbalax, which can require a little concentration to dance to. He has been living in Quebec since 2001, where he relates to his Western audience by integrating a pop influenced version of Mbalax into his performances. He also involves himself in the community by offering workshops and private lessons in African percussion around Montreal.

Seck’s life is music, and his music is high energy and joyous. His message of love within music is truly universal. “I see my music as therapy that I wish for people to take home with them and to feel joy from each beat hey hear,” Seck speaks of the effect he would like to see on his audiences.  “Even if they don’t understand the lyrics, most likely they’ll be dancing to the beat!”

Zale Seck will be performing on Saturday, August 13th at Prince's Island Park.

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